Seattle University

The first time I visited Seattle University was in late January 2012 after attending Calvin Symposium of Christian Worship at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI.  I was very impressed by the beautiful campus.  I was wondering then if I could make my way to graduate studies at the school.  Upon my arrival to my hometown, I applied to the graduate degree in spirituality at the School of Theology and Ministry, and was accepted for the Fall 2012 matriculation.  Through a special arrangement, however, I asked if I could start off my study in Spring 2013 instead of Fall 2012.  My petition was granted. I moved to Seattle on March 25, 2013 and started my study on April 1.  The first three classes I took at the school were Theology in an Ecumenical Context taught by Michael Kinnamon and Michael Trice, Christian Ethics taught by Cynthia Moe-Lobeda (now at Pacific Lutheran Seminary, Berkeley, CA), and Religion and Spiritual Values in the Public Square taught by Mark Markuly, dean of the school.

The School of Theology and Ministy

The School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University is an ecumenical school within a university setting.  It is located at the Hunthausen Hall.  Seattle University itself is a highly recognized Jesuit higher education institution in the Pacific Northwest, which endorses Jesuit’s core values such as care for the whole person, faith that does justice, and contemplative action.  STM strives to prepare leaders who are rooted in deep spirituality.  On its website, the school aspires:

Our graduates emerge as “contemplatives in action”—valuing a way of being in the world that is rooted in spirituality. Some sit across from clients in therapy with unique attentiveness that is fostered through holistic self-care. Others lead churches and nonprofits with a humble sensitivity to the needs and attributes of clients and community members. They take time for personal deep reading of sacred texts and spiritual direction while being quick to laugh and celebrate. And still others are in the trenches of social service, working to end homelessness, breaking down racial barriers, or mentoring young people in their quest for identity.