@Theovlogy Kicks Off

On November 25, 2018, Daniel Sihombing, a PhD candidate in Systematic Theology at Protestantse Theologische Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and I launched a discussion podcast called “Theovlogy.” Utilizing Google Hangout and YouTube for discussing various wide-range of topics from theology to politics, from economy to inter-religious relations, this podcast aims at enriching the discourse of theology and religious studies in Indonesia.

In Theovlogy, we invite scholars from different disciplines to talk about their research project or a topic they are interested in. As time went on, we added colleagues to manage Theovlogy’s Facebook Page and started Instagram: Perdian K. M. Tumanan, a graduate student at the Anabaptist-Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, IN, Jessica Layantara, a lecturer at Universitas Pelita Harapan, Karawaci, Indonesia, and Setyawan Adi Widya Nugroho, a Mennonite pastor in training at Duta Wacana Christian University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

We have launched more than 60 video-podcasts and received good feedback from many friends. Unfortunately, to this day all our videos are in bahasa Indonesia. We do hope, however, that someday we can make videos in English to reach broader audience, in Indonesia and overseas.

McGoldrick Collegium



If there were a place on Seattle University campus where I could build friendship across disciplines, that would be McGoldrick Collegium. A lounge on the end of the hallway on the 1st floor of Hunthausen Hall where the School of Theology and Ministry is located, McGoldrick Collegium is part of the Collegia Program. This program was run by the Department of Commuter and Transfer Student Life (CTSL) of Seattle University; the department has merged with other department and is renamed Center for Orientation and Transition Programs (COTP).

The Collegia Program of Seattle University is an award-winning program and nationally recognized.  It is a space in which commuter and transfer students can relax or build community.  Each collegium is supervised by a coordinator and four to five staff members. Lots of exciting activities happen in each community space.

In August 2013, I was appointed coordinator of the McGoldrick Collegium.  It was my great honor to work with five wonderful colleagues in McGoldrick.  We called our community the “Mighty McG.”  We successfully built a “joyful” community, a community in which all our members could actively take parts in various programs in our space.  This was my first experience of working on campus in the US; and I stopped working for McGoldrick per July 2014.

The Chapel of St. Ignatius


The heart of every Jesuit university is the chapel.  At Seattle University, the main chapel is named after the founder of the Society of Jesus, St. Ignatius of Loyola.  The Chapel of St. Ignatius was designed by Steven Holl.  One of the reasons I enjoyed my graduate study at Seattle University was this sacred space.  I also had the opportunity to work closely with the beautiful chapel when, in 2014, I was offered a graduate assistant by Professor Mark L. Taylor, then Director of Worship and Liturgy. I really missed that chapel!