Academic Presentations

“The Surviving Church: Kairos and Eschatology in Paul Tillich and Raimon Panikkar and Their Implications for Post-Pandemic Church,” 2022 Academic Symposium, Southeast Asia Bible Seminary, Malang, March 1-2, 2022 (virtual).

“Necropolitics and the Ghost of Lament: Moltmann, Ellacuría, and Political Pneumatology in the Aftermath of the Indonesian Forgotten Massacres, 1965-66,” Ninth Biennial Graduate Student Conference, Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre, June 17-19, 2021 (virtual).

“‘The Nature of Our Resistance’”—Intercultural or Performative?: Raimon Panikkar and Judith Butler on Nonviolence,” The Religion, Holocaust, and Genocide Unit, American Academy of Religion’s 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting, December 7, 2020.

“The Spirit and the Ghost: Appropriating Hauntological Hermeneutics in the Context of Systemic Forgetting,” Asian Theological Summer Institute, United Lutheran Seminary, Philadelphia, PA, May 28-31, 2019.

“Massacres, Epistemic Ignorance, and the Complicity of Religious Communities: Writing the Wrongs in the Indonesian Killings of 1965-1966,” Mid-Atlantic Region – American Academy of Religion 2019, New Brunswick, NJ, February 28-March 1, 2019. (Link)

“Land and Liberation: Bernard Lonergan’s Idea of Culture and the Agricultural Emergency in Indonesia,” Lonergan on the Edge, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, October 21-22, 2018. (Link)

“Ekklesia, and Resistance: A Missiological Constructive Exploration for Public Engagements,” Fourth Annual Meeting, Association of Indonesian Theologians, Malang, August 8-10, 2017.

“Toward a Nonviolent Koinonia: An Ecumenical Enquiry into Being the Church in the Midst of Global Violence,” 2015 Church of Sweden Conference.  Theme: “Mending the World?  Possibilities and Obstacles for Religion, Church, and Theology,” Uppsala, Sweden, October 13-15, 2015. (Link)

“On Naming the Scapegoat: A Comparative Study of the Black People and Chinese-Descent Indonesians,” 2015 Colloquium on Violence and Religion.  Theme: “The One by Whom the Scandal Has Come: Critically Engaging the Girardian Corpus,” St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO, July 8-12, 2015.

“Yearning for Wholeness: Eros, Health, and Ultimate Freedom in Paul Tillich and Ramana Maharshi,” Engaging Particularities XIII: New Directions in Comparative Theology, Interreligious Dialogues, Theology of Religions, and Missiology.    Theme: “Suffering and Mortality,” Boston College, Chesnut Hill, Boston, MA, March 26-27, 2015. (Link)

“Toward a Trinitarian Theology of Erotic Experience: The Passionate Mysticism of Hadewijch of Brabant and the Question of Sexuality,” Christian Systematic Theology Section, American Academy of Religion, San Diego, CA, November 24, 2014. (Link)

“The (Un)Holy Transvestite Body: Or, What Would Hadewijch of Antwerp Say about the WariaBoarding School in Yogyakarta, Indonesia,” Religious Education Association, Chicago, IL, November 8, 2014. (Link)

“Asking Paul Tillich and the Rahner Brothers to Play with the Javanese Children: An Inquiry into Being Human,” Theology and Philosophy of Religion Unit, American Academy of Religion Pacific Northwest Region, Calgary, AL, May 9-11, 2014.

“A Plan to Put the Sovereign Power in the Court Room Dock: An Reading on Job 13:13-19 through the Lens of the Post-Indonesian Killings,” Hebrew Bible Unit, American Academy of Religion Pacific Northwest Region, Calgary, AL, May 9-11, 2014.