Teaching Experiences

Fordham University

Instructor of Record

  • THEO 3610 – Christ in World Cultures (Summer 2022, online)
  • THEO 3340 – Christian Mystical Texts (Spring 2022)
  • THEO 3611-R02 – Scripture and the Struggle for Racial Justice (Fall 2021)
  • THEO 3610-R12 – Christ in World Cultures (Summer 2021, online)
  • THEO 1000-R21 – Faith and Critical Reason (Spring 2021, online)
  • THEO 1000-L04 – Faith and Critical Reason (Fall 2020, hybrid – due to COVID-19)
  • THEO 1000-L06 – Faith and Critical Reason (Spring 2020)
  • THEO 1000-L07 – Faith and Critical Reason (Fall 2019)

Teaching Assistant

  • THEO 3865 – Introduction to Bioethics (teaching assistant to Dr. Charles Camosy)
  • THEO 4050-R01 – Time and Its Value (Spring 2019, teaching assistant to Dr. Sarit Kattan Gribetz)
  • THEO 1000 – L06/07 – Faith and Critical Reason (Fall 2018, teaching assistant to Dr. Christiana Zenner)
  • THEO 1052-R03 – Medieval Philosophy and Theology (Spring 2018, teaching assistant to Dr. J. Patrick Hornbeck II)

Jakarta Theological Seminary, Indonesia (2015-2017)

Undergraduate Level:

  • Theology from the Other Side (co-taught with Dr. Joas Adiprasetya)
  • Modern Theology
  • Philosophical Theology of Desire
  • Constructive Theology
  • Introduction to Systematic Theology (matriculating graduate students)
  • Systematic Theology II (teaching assistant to Dr. Joas Adiprasetya)
  • Constructive Theology (teaching assistant to Dr. Joas Adiprasetya)

Graduate Level:

  • Introduction to Systematic Theology
  • Constructive and Contextual Theology
  • Contemporary and Constructive Theology (teaching assistant to Dr. Joas Adiprasetya)

Senior Research Direction

  • “The Fragility of Sexual Desire: A Critical Review of the Vulnerability of Sexual Desire without Erotic Love in Gaspar Noé’s Love (2015) using Werner G. Jeanrond, Jean-Luc Marion, and Laurie A. Jungling” (2017)
  • “Is There Still a Hope? A Theological Reflection on the Closing of Gereja Kristen Pasundan’s Dayeuhkolot Congregation using Jürgen Moltmann and Miguel A. De La Torre” (2017)
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